How to get the Immigration k1 Visa of USA

Engagement of a US citizen with the person that is the citizen of other country brings some problems to the US citizen. The problems are related to getting the fiancee in the country. This may seem awkward but you cannot let any person in US without proper approval. So, what can be done in such conditions?

Basic Requirements of Fiancee Visa
Immigration k1 Visa of USA

There is a method that will make you let your fiancee let in the country and become the citizen of the US. The method is getting Immigration k1 visa. The one fiancee visa that you can get for letting your spouse enter the US is getting K1 fiancee visa. This is the one of the other proper methods of valid entry to America.

Process to get USA Immigration Visa

You can get the visa by requesting to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your petition can be filled either the one of the centers of USCIS in US. The processing of your petition will be done by determining the state where you live. The process of taking fiancee visa may take up to 12 months to complete.

Once the approval is given by USCIS, further processing is done by National Visa Center (NVC). There will be background checks of the fiancee and the visa interview will be conducted. When all goes well the NVC check is completed successfully.

The last step will be carried out by the US Consulate to have jurisdiction over the city where your fiancee reside legally. If everything is done well the green card will be issued to the fiancee.

Basic Requirements to get Immigration Fiancee USA Visa

There are some basic requirements that you should fulfill before the petition. These are –

* US Citizenship

You must be a citizen of US.

* Dating period

You should have met your fiancee personally within last two years.

* Hassle free marriage

You and your fiancee should be free to marry legally.

* 90 Days of marriage period

To get the US citizenship you must marry with your fiancee within 90 days of the entry in US.

* Minimum Income requirement

You must meet the minimum income requirement for getting K1 visa.