5 Expert Tips in Decorating a New Home

It is nice to find yourself relaxing in a house that you can call your own. After all, it took you hard work and lots of perseverance to finally have a structure that you can call home. Once you lay your feet into your new home, you will find yourself smiling, but then, you will suddenly realize that something is missing in your personal space – decorations.

Here are the few Expert Tips in Decorating a New Home
Expert Tips in Decorating a New Home

Decorations are things that you add up to a place to make the once boring corner into an exciting one or to further beautify it. However, deciding what decorations to put on to parts of your house is a bit challenging. Since you need to consider the different aspects that are present such as the mood and impact you want your house to covey and the colors that you want to be dominant.

Below are the five expert tips that one can simply do to turn your new house into a lovely home with an aesthetic touch.


Incorporating designs of the past would surely give your house a unique, classy look that would definitely be pleasing to the eyes. With this, you can add up antique collectibles (if you have any) and put them on a shelf in the corner of your living room. You can also arrange them according to the time that they are created to intensify the classy feeling. Furthermore, your color palette may be chosen from the different shades of Earth tones such as brown, umber, brick red, terracotta, yellow ocher, warm grey, burnt sienna, tan, and shades of green such as moss.


On the other hand, if you are a fan of naturalism and nature itself, you may also want to have the nature vibe as this theme will give you that cozy and light feeling like bringing the outdoors inside. An individual can do this by putting on indoor plants such as succulents. These types of plants are simply perfect for homes since they don’t require much sunlight, and they can live even without you watering them daily.

The Chinese Money plant, Jade Plant, and the Silver Dollar plant are some examples of these. Putting aquariums into your house will further give the nature impact. You can choose from the different species of fish that you can include as your pets. When doing this, you must not only consider it being a decoration but also a responsibility.


If you have that boiling creativity trying to find its way out, set it free, and you can create things you have never imagine you can do. Although having painting hanging on your walls is not a bad idea, do not just settle for it as it will take a toll out of your pockets. Instead, make your walls as your canvas and paint what you feel like painting.

Eventually, you will find a unique style painted on your walls since you incorporated that style into your home. If you think you are not that confident to handle the paintbrush and put strokes and dashes into your walls, you can always choose wallpapers as an alternative. If you want a fierce look, you can put wallpaper with an animal print on it, or you can divert to bolder colors such as crimson red, midnight blue, or black.

Home owner if choose a lighter mood, on the other hand, they can try pastel wallpapers for a change. However, be extra careful since pastel colors are easy to be stained.


In a home, lighting’s are everything. With lights, you can surely create different moods and build the atmosphere that you want to dominate. That is why it is a must to invest in lighting. For the living room, chandeliers are the top choice. This gives off the elegant look on your space while providing the light that you need. If you have a higher ceiling, you may want to pick a chandelier that is longer than usual.

This will emphasize the height of your ceiling. If you have lower ceilings, you can pick a classic chandelier that has a minimal design. You may also play with the color of the lighting’s. You can choose the yellow light for a warmer feeling and white for that bright touch in your house, or you can mix the two. Home owner may have the bright light on the center while having the dimmer ones on the sides of the ceiling.

In this way, you can only put on the dimmer ones while the bright light is off, depending on your mood. In the kitchen, aside from having a bright light in the center, you may put different colored lights such as red, blue or green (similar to those in bars) to add fun and to be used if you feel like in the mood for partying. For the other parts of the house, try experimenting on what you think would look good. Besides, you may upgrade your light switches as it can further serve as decorations in your house.


You read it right. Candles are slowly becoming a trend as house decorations. Not only does it set a cozy mood in the house with the dim light that it provides, but it also adds up to the aesthetics of the place. In the kitchen, one may put candles in the dining table to accentuate a dinner date mood.

One should just simply choose candles of varying length and mix and match them up at the center of the table. It can be those candles they have swirly designs or others depending on the choice of the homeowner. For the living rooms and bedrooms, a good choice is scented candles. These come in different styles, such as in a ball shape, square shape, and others.

It is recommended to have a lavender or mint scent as this can really calm down a person and help him or her relaxes. If you choose to cling on the safer side yet still wants candles inside your home as decorations, there are available candles that are made of plastic and has light from an LED bulb. This copies the real vibe of a candle as the bulb seemingly does what a real fire in the candle does.

Whatever your choice is for decorating your new home, just always be certain that you will be comfortable and pleased by it as no one would stay in that place more than you do. It is also important to remember to enjoy and have fun while doing your decorations.

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